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lørdag den 24. juni 2017

Botanical collage animal-and-nature 22

Here’s yet another Botanical collage animal-and-nature card for you! I never seem to get tired of these, I hope you don’t mind!

gift from Canada

Today i received a great gift from my dear friend in Canada, Linda Walker.
Thank you so much, I have written to you in mail

torsdag den 22. juni 2017

Botanical collage animal-and-nature 20

Sooo, now I like to show you more of my botanical collage cards. Hope you enjoy

To summarize: I make the collage from old botanical books, fussy cut out the motifs and put them together with glue. In addition, I draw details loosely with a black pen and give the subjects details.

Watercolour cards

my friend

onsdag den 21. juni 2017

stencil and modelling paste

This time i used a stencil and modelling paste, then watercolour, tree dies from marianne-design-creatables-cutting-die lr0378, and a Wakley bird

tirsdag den 20. juni 2017

Watercolour, stamping and dies, Lady 2

Watercolour, stamping and dies Lady, 1

Green cards

Once i made those kind of cards.
i must say it is not me anymore..;O((
I LOVE to make my watercolour and be more creative than this.
I love the messsy, stamping, gesso, stencil, painting kind of work where you are in a long proces not knowing what the finish result will be...
I gues a person change, also on the creative spot and I have - change over the years ;O))

use tape...

Put tape on an old book page and remove it again. - the text will follow -
place the strip on a card - gives a good effect

4 cards with birds

lørdag den 17. juni 2017

Watercolour and stamping Wakley Bird 2

Watercolour and stamping Wakley Bird 1

This time i used a stamp bird from Dina Wakley, i have all of her bird stamp and i love to work with them
this stamp i from her christmas collection

I you want, you can go see many gorgeous Dina Wakley cards right HERE - or ta da ....see a Video did i say i love her stamps ? i do because...i love birds

Watercolour, stamp and botanical bird. 6

torsdag den 15. juni 2017

Watercolour, stamp and botanical bird. 1

IAM BACK..., with my watercolouring, stamping and botanical birds again.. love to do this kind of art.
Hope you enjoy.

onsdag den 14. juni 2017

Party bird

This was fun - and for me a quicky and easy card,
NOT really my type of card to do at all - but i had some stickers i wanted to use fast and an already stamped image... lol lol lol .. but you probably already know that
my style and interest are much more Art´ty
and abstract.

Stamp, mask and copic ciao - CAS 3

-a pot of flowers...

and a whole lot of masking on this card...