onsdag den 26. juli 2017

Lavender scent bags

just a little pip from another creative interest I have.
I love lavender and today I went and picked a ton to use in little fragrance bags
I added lavender oil and wraped it in cheesecloth then i put a nice old handkerchief around with old embroidery and lace on
I made 13 bags
- dont you think they look sweet ;O)) the smell totally awsome
I place them afterwards in dressers and cabinets

Inches - 3 cards

tirsdag den 25. juli 2017

2 cards in serie - Butterflies and summer

Butterflies and summer and one card with a bit of Inchie on Decorated with glossy accents
I do have an Inchie project going on now for my cards
so you just wait and see..tommorrow ;O))

2 cards in serie - Butterflies

søndag den 23. juli 2017

Love LOVE love

4 cards in a serie

Texture paste opaque crackle, Stamps of different brands, watercolour (ofcause) black pen, different stencils and more - all used in order to make the 4 cards in this serie.

lørdag den 22. juli 2017

4 boats on water cards

above boats with die and below boats with stamps

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